Saturday, November 16, 2013

Reaching clients by design

Reaching people is easy…reaching the right clients takes a bit more thought.  
What style of design will fulfill expectations and appeal to the clients you are reaching but also stand out?  When I work with a client on a logo design we talk about any ideas and styles they love, who their clients are, and what goals they are trying to accomplish in their business.  While it's about art and a nice cohesive look, it's also about the audience. 

Here are 3 ways to ensure your design will have the right look to the reach people who will become your clients.
  1. Research the competition:  It's important to have a vision and stand out but it is equally important to see what the other guys are doing.  Some company logos are designed with the expected elements.  While this helps reinforce the company's industry it may just make your company blend into the competition.  If everyone in your sprocket industry has sprockets in their logo of course people will know you sell sprockets but how will you stand out.  Take something that says what you do, who you are and make the design speak to that in a unique way.  Meet expectations by being unexpected.
  2. Think unique:  Now that you've researched the best and worst in your industry, think about the look you want and what you want it to say to your clients.  Your look will need  to translate from print, to web, to mobile, and beyond so it's important that it's versatile.  The best designs are simple and compelling they say something about your business and you while keeping something unique to be memorable.
  3. Don't over-think it:  There's planning, research and a well thought out plan but spending too much time thinking or picking apart ideas will drive you bonkers and never end.  Don't be afraid to make a decision and morph down the line.  Sometimes it takes a while for new businesses to find their niche.  Remember it's the clients needs that you are fulfilling with your products or services.  Make a decision you love, see how people respond.  Even large companies re-brand and update their logos periodically.  You don't have to live with it forever.


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