Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Measuring up. Adding value to your service makes you VALUABLE to your clients.

Sketch by Kari McPhail Design - Do Small things with Great Love
Photo and Design by Kari McPhail Design www.karimcphail.com
We have clients tell us all the time that they are so glad they found us, they were going to go to another place that sells office supplies or ships packages but the price was almost double. Will we be the cheapest place to order every kind of product or do every order? Are we the best fit for every project or working style out there? Maybe not. When we periodically search out bids for like products we can safely say that we can beat many prices and if we can't…do you get the kind of service you are looking for? 
We have clients tell us that they went to an office supply store copy shop and asked for a print to be a certain size and had to pay for all of the wrong size prints that came out…not at the do it yourself copier, but the coworker was doing the prints for the client. Seems a little strange when there's an easy mathematic way to figure out what % will enlarge something i.e. 5 inches and have it come out 10 inches…but it's not the client's job to know that. 
It's not the client's job to know how many we put on a press sheet, what we have to do to get it ready etc… all they should know is what they want it to be (or ask for a suggestion), and we can make it happen for them. 
Today I had a call from a long time client in the doctor's office who wanted to order some envelopes himself and bring them in to be custom printed…the problem was…he couldn't really do the order on his phone while in the waiting room. No problem. I took his credit card # over the phone (that's trust) ordered what he needed and had it shipped directly to me so we can customize it and deliver to his office next week. 
Trust me, I spend a lot of time providing customer service to clients. I take their projects to their offices, suggest stock, suggest quantities, even design or repair files as needed. It's just part of the job. It's part of the integrity that makes us VALUABLE to hundreds of clients all over Snohomish County and Eastside, Seattle area, Puget Sound region, even nationwide and several international countries. We are trusted. You can count on us. We will give you a great idea, or help hone yours, we will execute with first class quality, service, and value.