Monday, February 17, 2014

Action...propel yourself forward

Getting stuck is something that happens to everyone.  Getting yourself and business in a forward propulsion can be tricky but taking the monotony and emotion out of your problem, may just help you solve it.  Regaining footing when you are stuck can be tough.  You've got to stabilize yourself, regain your footing, reposition your direction, dig your path and put all of your energy into your path.  It's a tough, but not insurmountable feat that with a little help you can roll forward and blaze new trails.  

Here are 3 ways to dig out of the mud.

1.  Remove emotion to counteract roadblocks:  Emotions bring defensive reactions and when there's work to be done a reality check is in order.  Think critically without blame to find a sensible alternative to your blocked path.  This will allow you to have clear focus, a key element in decision-making and problem-solving.  While business without emotion can be cold and unforgiving business with too much emotion can be irrational and indecisive.  Get yourself in a new frame of mind and look at your problem or roadblock as an outsider…give and take your own advice as a consultant.

2.  Get out your compass and map your path:  A solid plan, a clear path and knowing where you are will take the guesswork out of where to go, how to get there and how to remove roadblocks.  It does a business no good to propel forward aimlessly careening into potholes and sidetracking from the mission.  Take serious stock of your assets, your place in business or career and make a serious map.  Once you have a comprehensive assessment and plan you can make the decisions that will take you where you want to go.

3. Pick the right fuel to propel yourself forward:  Would you light your barbecue with jet fuel, would you use a match to start your car?  Of course not.  The friction of developing your work and habits into momentum should not dig you deeper into a rut, they should be strong enough to apply pressure to move your forward yet strategic enough to move you forward.  Give yourself the positive energy, spark of inspiration, and put enough pressure on yourself to succeed in whatever direction you position yourself in.  

Friday, January 17, 2014

If it was easy, everyone would do it.

Finding the will power and organization to get it all done is tough.  You may be an expert in your profession but don't forget you won't necessarily be an expert in all areas of running a business.  Luckily, you don't need to be...

Here are 3 skills you will need to get it all done.  

1.  Follow through:  Some would say organization is top of the must have list, but I would argue that there is no organization without follow through.  You must be prepared to execute immediately small tasks because there will be a deluge of them.  Piling up paperwork or retuning phone calls in a busy office with little help just won't've got to be a master of the immediate and complete cycle of tasks or being an entrepreneur will easily be overwhelming.  

2.  Bravery:  Bravery means having courageous behavior or character.  Display of courageous behavior does not mean there is no doubt, fear, or uncertainty, it just means your behavior and character display bravery.  While there is no substitute for the hard work that carries your business forward or the expertise required in your field you have to have the courageous behavior and character to work through all of that and lead your entrepreneurial endeavor or business.

3.  Confidence:  Entrepreneurs and small business are a huge portion of the economy, even companies like Apple, Amazon and Disney all started in garages.  Whether you intend on starting the next corporate giant, or just work for yourself in a small professional group the confidence and wherewithal to keep going when others give up or make excuses is key.  Confidence will give you the steam you need to work through problems that arise without quitting.  Confidence will give you the drive to sell your ideas and yourself to the right people.  Finally, confidence will help you carry your feet one foot in front of the other while you knock on the doors to grow your business.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

It's not just business it's personal.

3 ways to make your business memorable and valuable by developing personal relationships with your clients.  

While you certainly don't want to damage a professional reputation with your clients, you do want to let your clients know you are invested in working with them and their success.  Go ahead and show a little love.  Here are a few easy ways to get started.

1. Buy a round of coffee:  Sitting down and getting to know your clients business and your client's personal style and preferences can help you work together.  Ask about how they like to communicate, text, email, phone calls, or personal visits…  the answer may get you more business than you knew was available.

2. Show your thanks:  Many familiar clients not only help keep us in business but expand it by referring others, giving positive feedback and reviews, and helping entrepreneurs find their niche.  Make sure you return the favor and keep you and your business in a positive light with a handwritten note, a phone call, and best yet refer someone.  A personal gesture shows you are thinking about your clients needs and investing in their business.  

3.  Be a resource:  Knowing local business owners and other entrepreneurs can make you a resource for all sorts of people.  Talking to people about their needs even those that don't pertain to your business can make you a valuable asset and "go-to" person.  Don't cross the line and be a "know-it-all" but refer and connect others to individuals and businesses that can follow through and be trusted to offer good products and services.  A can-do attitude, even for things you can't do yourself goes a long way.